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Nilfisk Ergo 3000 Gun / Spray Handle 106402070 entire design and construction has been studied so that it is adapted to the user’s working posture The spray trigger gun itself fits perfectly into the axe of the arm, reducing strain at the wrist. The activation force on the trigger has been reduced which means less effort! But more. importantly, the trigger itself is activated by the 2 strongest fingers, rather than the 2 weakest, using the body’s natural strength to its advantage.

• Thanks to the overall construction, the new spray gun reduces vibrations within the pistol by an astonishing 58%. Which therefore there are Less vibrations. (caused by the passage of water through the construction) which means a major reduction in the well known “white fingers” effect. That has become a serious health and safety issue in past years.

• The spray gun uses the well known KEW bayonet coupling system. So firstly there is no need to waste time screwing the accessory or lance into place. Secondly you can simply click it in to the spray gun. Thirdly the system has been improved to enable simple. One-handed use of the coupling function, helping to save even more time and energy. Double Swivel System.

• Cleaning is a varied business, where the tools must be flexible and easy to manoeuvre. The ERGO 3000 spray gun offers a double swivel system. This means that you can move around more freely. The hose swivel – that functions under pressure – avoids twisting of the hose as you move around. The patented FlexoSwivel allows you to turn the hose around the axe of the spray gun when cleaning in difficult places or moving around over obstacles.

Nilfisk Ergo 3000 Gun / Spray Handle 106402070 is perfect for Nilfisk professional industrial pressure washers

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