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The AMTEX PROWLER 3033 27HP Truckmount Carpet Cleaner is a high-powered cleaning unit that is designed to provide professional-grade carpet cleaning results. AMTEX Equipment, a Texas-based company founded in 1997, has continued to innovate and produce state-of-the-art designs in the cleaning industry.
This particular model, the Prowler 3033, is the largest unit in the company’s “portable” range. With two high-quality stainless steel heat exchangers and a Roots blower that produces over 20″ of mercury lift, the Prowler 3033 is capable of generating incredible heat and running up to 500ft of hose. The unit comes with a Kohler 27 Hp engine with an electric start, a Roots 3.3 blower, a Hypro 3.0 GPM, 2500 PSI piston pump, and an ‘auto-pump-out’ feature that discharges waste directly via a 2-inch hose into a garden or approved drain, eliminating the need for a waste tank.
AMTEX Truckmounts are built with components that are warranted in NZ and can be easily repaired by any competent person at your local service center. These units are portable, securely attached to a plate bolted to your vehicle floor but can easily be released for use anywhere you need. The heavy-duty wheels make them easy to push around, and being removable from the vehicle makes servicing a breeze.


  • Model: AMTEX PROWLER 3033 27HP Truckmount carpet cleaner
  • Engine: Kohler 27 Hp with electric start
  • Blower: Roots 3.3
  • Pump: Hypro 3.0 GPM, 2500 PSI piston pump
  • Heat Exchanger: Two high-quality stainless steel
  • Heat: Consistent 90-degree Celsius heat
  • Auto Pump Out: Yes, waste is discharged via a 2-inch hose
  • Vacuum Hose: 100 ft of 2″ vacuum hose
  • Solution Hose: 100 ft of 2″ solution hose
  • AP Hose: 50 ft
  • Lint Filter: In-line lint filter
  • Max Hose Length: Up to 500 ft
  • Warranty: Components warranted in NZ

What’s Included

  • AMTEX PROWLER 3033 27HP Truckmount carpet cleaner
  • 1.5-inch stainless steel wand
  • 100 ft of 2-inch vacuum hose
  • 100 ft of 2-inch solution hose
  • 50 ft of AP hose
  • In-line lint filter

*installation can be done at CCR henderson Auckland

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Safety Data Sheets

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