CARBON FIBRE POLE SYSTEM COMPLETE (40ft/12.2m)(8S)(WR 45′)(3.5 Stories)

P# WC21530

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The Carbon Fibre Pole COMPLETE is a 40ft/12.2m, 8-section pole made entirely of 100% carbon fibre. It comes with Version 2 clamps and collapses down to 1.79m for easy storage and transportation. With a working reach of 45ft (13.72m) and a floor reach of 3-4 stories, this pole is ideal for multistory window cleaning jobs, exterior washing, solar panels, and more.
This Pole Kit includes:
20 meters of Everest Black Hose
Everest Dual Trim Nylon Brush
as well as the Gooseneck (Angle Adapter) and necessary Hose Connectors
Providing everything you need between the tap and window.

  • 100% Carbon Fibre
  • Version 2 clamps
  • Sections: 8
  • Collapsed to:  1745
  • Pole Weight:  2.53kg
  • Working Reach: 45ft (13.72m)
  • Floor Reach: 3-4 Stories


The kit can be used with a DI System / DE-Ionized Water Tank / Pure Water System to achieve efficient and cost-effective window cleaning. Overall, this kit provides an affordable option for those looking for a high-quality carbon fibre pole for various cleaning purposes.

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