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Premium quality additive for hot water extraction cleaning Features & Benefits  Excellent cleaning power. Penetrates and removes a wide range of soils without spotting.  Very high levels of water softeners in Power Pack eliminates calcium build up in water up to 200ppm hardness. Protects pumps and equipment in even the hardest waters.  Power pack is formulated with free rinsing detergent that reduce drying time.  The free rinsing detergents in Power Pack produce a residue free finish. Many other products leave a residue which attracts dirt and soil.  Power Pack contains an inbuilt re-odouriser that leaves treated areas smelling fresh and clean.  Power Pack is made in accordance to Australian Standard AS/NZS 3733: 1995. Textile floor coverings – Cleaning maintenance or residential and commercial carpeting. Completely safe product. Will not damage wool or synthetic fibres even in its undiluted form.  Safe on all materials. Power Pack contains inhibitors which protect steel, aluminium, brass, bronze and most other metals used in door edging, hinges, borders to wooden or tiled floors. Use Directions Power Pack can be used to clean carpets and upholstery by adding it directly to the detergent tank of the machine or by the pre-spray method. Be careful when treating carpet with jute backing. If colour-fastness needs to be tested either on carpet or upholstery, do so in an inconspicuous area. Direct addition to detergent tank Dry vacuum the area thoroughly. Use 100mL of Power Pack for each 10 litres of water in the detergent tank. Warm water at 50-80ºC in the detergent tank gives the best results. Carpets that have previously been shampooed may cause foaming in the recovery tank. Antifoam C should be used.

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