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Ecomist odour neutralisers are combined with subtle fragrance to enhance your environment. Use the Fragrance Selector wizard to choose the right fragrance for your space.
The 250ml cans fit into the Ecomist E4 dispenser. Purchasing a three month supply means you save on freight and have to reorder less as each can lasts approximately one month!


·         Normal (sprays every 7 mins daytime, every 15 min at night)

·         High (sprays every 4 mins during day, every 15 at night)

·         Low (sprays every 7 min day time, off at night).


Angel – Fresh, clean and slightly sweet, this popular fragrance is sure to please both men and women alike. Its not overpowering, so good for smaller areas, but strong enough to hold its own in bigger areas. Slightly citrus, slightly floral, with musky notes.

Citrus – A citrus explosion! Fresh and clean are two of this fragrance’s outstanding qualities.

Jupiter – One of our favourites with citrus and bergamonte notes and an oriental, woody character. It was inspired by the famous Joop perfume.


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Safety Data Sheets

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