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These bin liners have been designed for commercial use – they’re strong, eco-friendly and cost-effective. Made with 20% recycled ocean plastic, plus another 30% recycled plastic waste, so you can be part of the solution, not the pollution! These bags are black, with a string tie, and come conveniently packaged in a dispenser box.

Size: 780mm(w) x 1020mm(h)
Quantity per box: 100


Eight million tons of plastic pollution pours into our oceans every year. And it is now known that 80% of marine plastic comes from land. Together we can stop the flow of some of that plastic pollution.

Discarded plastic waste within 50km of the shore is collected, baled up, and processed into usable recycled plastic. These tidy bags are made with 20% recycled ocean-bound plastic content. Then we’ve gone and added an additional 30% of regular recycled content too.

Bags per box: 100
Capacity: 80 litres
Size: 780mm(w) x 1020mm(h)
Boxes in a carton: 2
Total bags in carton: 200

Product barcode:  9421905811675

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