Part Number# SCSCE25

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This Extension Pole last longer and is more durable than anything else on the market. Flouted and serrated sections allow for greater strength, lighter weight and significantly less slippage when wet. The tip is friction fit to the finest tolerances, for safety and quick change out. It also has a click-lock tip to safely secure many tools made by Ettore. Poles are available in various sections from one to four, the more sections the longer the pole extends.

  • Professional REA-C-H aluminum extension pole; 20% stronger than the competition
  • Interlocking design allows for a smoother exterior and easier storage
  • Ribbed tubing provides better grip, rigidity, and durability
  • Click-Lock tip on extension pole assures safe and quick change of tools

Not available for this product.

Safety Data Sheets

Not available for this product.