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The Everest Hybrid Carbon Pole COMPLETE HB2507 Compact is the perfect kit to complete your DI / DE-ionized water / pure water system for efficient and cost-effective window cleaning. This kit includes the Everest hybird carbon fibre 25ft (7.62m) pole, an 8mm black flexi hose, a gooseneck, and an 11-inch water-fed window brush. The kit’s combined weight is 3.86kg.
The Everest carbon fibre pole is a 25ft (7.62m) long, 7-section pole with Version 2 clamps. The main body of the pole is coated in a stylish orange matt finish and is made from Hybird carbon fibre, providing unparalleled strength and durability while still remaining lightweight. This pole weighs just 2.12kg and collapsed to 1.47m, making it easy to transport to job sites. With an impressive working reach of 30ft (9.1m), when used by an average-height user at the waist to chest height, the Everest Hybrid Carbon Pole COMPLETE HB2507 can reach up to 2-3 stories on a building.
The Everest 11-inch window brush is made with dual-trim nylon bristles, making it effective at removing dirt and grime from windows. The brush comes with a push-fit hose connector, allowing it to be easily connected to the included 20-meter 8mm flexi black hose, the gooseneck and pole have the commonly used “euro thread” so as to be compatible with most other angle adapters/goosenecks. Ensuring flexibility and ease of use when pairing with other equipment for window cleaning.

  • Hybrid Carbon Fibre
  • Compact
  • Version 2 clamps
  • Sections: 7
  • Collapsed to 1.47m
  • Pole Weighs: 2.1kg
  • Combined Kit Weight: 3.86kg
  • Working Reach: 30ft (9.1m)
  • Floor Reach: 2-3 Stories

Upgrade your window cleaning game with this top-of-the-line kit that combines durability, performance, and ease of use while being easy to transport. Use it with a DI System / DE-Ionized Water Tank / Pure Water System to achieve efficient and cost-effective window cleaning.

Comes With:

  • Everest Hybird Carbon Fibre 25ft Pole
  • Everest 11-inch Dual-trim Nylon Bristles Brush
  • Everest 20-meter 8mm Flexible Black Hose
  • Everest Gooseneck / Angle Adapter

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