Part Number# FLEWAS05

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A heavy-duty fleet cleaner designed to remove exhaust deposits, road film and bug residue from vehicle surfaces. It contains a unique soil release agent that releases the negative charge that adheres dirt to surfaces, thus enabling better and easier cleaning on subsequent applications.


Spray onto the vehicle at a 1:40 dilution for heavy soil and road film. Light soiling or manual cleaning use at 1:100 dilution. Apply at low pressure and allow a few minutes before removing thoroughly with fresh water at high pressure. Give vehicle a final top to bottom rinse. For high pressure water units refer to units instruction manual for dilution rates. If streaking occurs, reduce solution concentration. MPI APPROVAL MPI APPROVED C37 (All animal product except dairy) General purpose detergent which is not for use on food surfaces, but may be used on floors and walls.

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Safety Data Sheets

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