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Ideal for removing grease and oils with little or no detergent. Built in Italy and a top seller in New Zealand and around the world for many years. A proud Italian family and the owner still works in the factory today. Powerwash has remained the same since born as early on they realised that had designed a very strong and reliable machine that handled all the rigours of heavy industrial use every day. SPECS Micro leaks
1HR shut down
Low water and fuel magic eye
Water tank
Independant blower and all safteys
1700 PSI
11 L/M
Low pressure
Single phase
230V 15Amp plug
10M Hose and gun Industrial low speed double bearing motor and pump.
– Industrial external unloader
– Delayed total stop
– Double spiral heavy duty heating coil
– Low Fuel cut off and warning light
– Independent Blower Motor and Fuel Pump
– Low pressure chemical
– 240v units fitted with flow switch for low water cut off and unwanted start up on leak down
– 24v electrics on Pressure Switches etc
– Stainless steel cover in 430 ss
– Industrial 10 Mt, 3/8 heavy duty hose, gun and 1200ml lance, s/s nozzle.
– Rust proofed Black painted Chassis

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Safety Data Sheets

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