Part Number# FV20090

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The Numatic 2B is an easy seal dust bag, to easily trap household dust and debris for a more convenient and hygienic disposal, helping avoid exposures to allergens. These 2B Numatic vacuum bags use microfiber technology to provide greater suction and trap up to 99.5 percent dust particles. The bags have a 15 litre capacity. 2B Numatic vacuum bags Suitable for use with the Numatic models Charles, Edward, George (15L, 2B) Microfibre technology for greater suction Rubber membrane Traps up to 99.5 percent dust 15 litre capacity

2B: 15L, Charles, Edward, George, NNV370, NVM-2BH, NVP370, NVQ370, PSP370A 15L, PVR370A,AS200B, AS100

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