Part Number# NRS450

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The Nuspeed NRS450 running at 450rpm and with an increased operating weight of 35Kg has been designed to provide a professional answer to applications where spray buffing is the obvious and cost effective solution to maintaining floors to a higher visual standard which is often the need in high profile environments. This machine is supplied as standard with our Spider Pad Drive.

  • 450RPM
  • Automatic Torque Control
  • Simple Operator Control
  • Planetary Gearbox – Transmission of power to the floor is seamless via the long-life oil filled planetary gearbox resulting in superb handling characteristics.
  • Easy Storage – Compact size and folding handle means easy and convenient to move and store. The trouble free handle adjustment lever is conveniently located behind the operating triggers. No more cranking up a nut and bolt type handle adjuster!
  • Numatic Safety Handle – The NRS450 is also fitted with the Numatic safety handle which means that 240 volt power is only in the base of the machine, the handle is only switching 12 volts, so no chance of wet hands getting an electric shock.
  • Extra Weight – Unique NuSpeed design means in increase in operating weight of 35kg can be achieved within the standard specification.
  • Automatic Torque Control – The Nuspeed series is now equipped as standard with performance enhancing “A.T.C”, Automatic Torque Control. A unique system that monitors operation and boosts torque, as required, to provide consistent performance under varying load conditions.

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Safety Data Sheets

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