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The Original California Car Duster

The original and still the best. The baked in wax treatment safely lifts light dust off the vehicle. This has been a go-to product for diehard detailers since 1989.

This easy to use product reduces the number of car washes that your vehicle needs and will not scratch its finish.

How Do I Clean My California Car Duster?
“The dirtier it gets, the better it works.” That’s been our catchphrase since 1989. You really do not want to try and clean or rinse the California Car Duster until it is a last resort. For daily maintenance, simply shake out the car duster or clean it thoroughly with an air gun. The mop will discolor with continued use, but keep using the car duster as long as it is picking up the dust. When the car duster begins to push the dust you can try to rinse the mop with cool water and mild detergent in your garage sink and then let it air dry. Only do this as a final straw as rinsing the mop does risk pulling some of the baked in wax out of the mop. If cleaning the mop does not rejuvenate the California Car Duster, then it is time for a new one.

My California Car Duster is Leaving Streaks or Lint on My Vehicle. What Do I Do?
This just means that the car duster mop is too hot or has some moisture in it. It is best to dust your vehicle in the morning or early evening when the vehicle’s paint and/or the car duster are not hot. If you have moisture in the car duster, you can set it on some newspaper to air dry and remove the excess moisture. Any streaks on your vehicle’s paint are easily removed with some detail spray.?

Once in a while a duster has some lint left in it from cutting that doesn’t get as thorough of a suctioned before packaging as it should. Shake the California Car Duster before and after each use to loosen any trapped fibres. You can also blow the mop with compressed air to remove lint. We also recommend using a garage vac to suck out some of the loose fibres at the base of the mop. That should eliminate the extra fibers that were trapped at production.

Can you Use the California Car Duster on Auto Glass?
Yes, the California Car Duster can be used on windshields and mirrors, but only for dust. If the windshield is too hot or has bug debris on it, the car duster can leave streaks.

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