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RapidClean Gloss Plus is for use on hard floor surfaces including Vinyl, Terrazzo and Timber. GLOSS PLUS is a clear, non-yellowing, high gloss finish designed to enrich and enhance the natural colours of all types of floors.


High performance sealer

High & low speed burnishable

2 in 1 sealer and finish


STRIP: Remove all of the old polish and sealer using a RapidClean stripper (Quick Strip) ensuring to follow all procedures and directions as per label. Pick up all remaining residue and rinse area with a solution of detergent. After the stripped surface is dry and has been swept the surface is now ready to seal.


1. Always use a new or dedicated mop to apply a floor sealer/ finish. For best results use a polycotton sealing mop. To avoid potential problems a mop and bucket should be dedicated for sealing floors. To avoid cross contamination use RapidClean colour coded mops, handles and buckets.

2. Place the GLOSS PLUS into the clean, dry bucket. Immerse the mop in the bucket with GLOSS PLUS.

3. Wring the mop out with moderate pressure applied to the wringers. The mop head should be thoroughly soaked but not dripping.

4. Apply the GLOSS PLUS to the floor using a figure 8 motion. Each figure 8 should overlap the previous stroke to ensure consistency.

5. Allow 20-30 minutes drying time between coats. (This may vary depending on airflow and drying conditions).

6. Buff after applying 4-6 coats, (preferable to buff after four coats and apply two further coats for best results). Leave surface to cure for 24 hours before burnishing.

DAILY MAINTENANCE: Ensure floor is swept daily. Mop and scrub the floor with neutral detergent at a dilution rate of 9mL/ Litre of water. Use Quick Shine twice a week to provide extra wear and durability. This will help increase slip resistance. Buff floors daily.

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