P# CE20278

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Grout, Tile, Porcelain, Tempered glass & other surfaces.

  • CLEANS SURFACES QUICKLY AND EASILY- Cleans porcelain fixtures,hard-water stains,pool tile, toilet bowls, barbecues, steel and stone.
  • REMOVE CALCIUM, LIME AND HARD-WATER STAINS- Removes stubborn hard-water deposits using a gentle abrasive action.
  • REDUCES SCRATCHING- Finer abrasive grit to diminish scratching.
  • PROTECTS YOUR HANDS- Includes a heavy-duty plastic handle to protect your hands.

Made fromĀ 100% natural pumice, theĀ RapidClean Pumice Stone effectively removes the toughest hard water deposits. Say goodbye to limescale, magnesium, iron, and rust effortlessly. Removes rust, lime, and hard water stains in seconds.

Environmentally friendly and safe for people, pets, plants, and water.


Gently rub pumice stones on porcelain surfaces to clean away toilet rings, rust and lime build up and other stains. Won’t harm porcelain bowls. Ready to use. Reusable. Shapes to curved or flat surface. Safe for hands. Safe around children and pets. Includes 2 pumice stones with handles and 2 heavy duty pumice scrubbers.

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Safety Data Sheets

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