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• Enzymes digest odour causing bacteria in pipes and drains
• Fragrance Mountain Fresh
• Biological Enzyme Block weight 50 grams
• 30 days protection & fragrance
• Measures 17.8cm x 17.8cm
• 100% recyclable
• Reduces urine splash by up to 95%
• Safe for use in waterless urinals
• Contains fewer chemicals

Mountain Air Fragrance

The Spiral Biological urinal screen tackles the problem of smell in your washroom from two different angles. The mat has premium fragrances that mask any residual odour present in the urinal. The enzymatic bacterial bio block at its centre exudes beneficial bacteria that digest the odour-causing anaerobic bacteria, resulting in long-term removal of malodours. The block also contains a surfactant that helps distribute the bacteria throughout the drainage system and adheres to the surface, allowing the bacteria time to do their work. The 50g block has a concentration of beneficial enzyme-based bacteria to the level of 5.9 x 10^8 per gram, ensuring rapid response to lingering odours for up to 30 days. The screen will reduce urine splash by up to 95%, reducing cleaning time. The Spiral Biological Mat is 100% recyclable, contains fewer chemicals, and provides better outcomes for 30 days of protection. It is today’s standard and tomorrow’s direction.

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Safety Data Sheets

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