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Rubbermaid HYGEN Bucket is a highly efficient flat mop cleaning system for healthcare and sanitary maintenance applications. Use with Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Microfibre Damp Mops and Quick-Connect tools for a continuous cleaning process with ‘no touch’ wringing. Easy-to-clean, lightweight non-porous plastic construction. Safe for use in MRI rooms. Bucket works with Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Microfibre Cleaning Cart Charging Bucket. Reduces cross-transmission when a fresh mop is used for each room or area. All plastic buckets hold 10-20 microfibre damp mops. Each mop holds enough liquid to clean up to 23.23m2; fully loaded bucket (20 mops) can clean up to 464.5m2. Bucket design prevents oversaturation of microfibre mops and features a measuring guide for filling with cleaning and disinfecting solution before mops are added.

– New and improved hinged lid with latches facilitates easy-opening and closing
– Hold up to 20 Microfiber wet pads, generally enough for one housekeeper for one shift using one pad per room.
– Ergonomic… no bending or pulling.
– Molded-in filling guide… 1 quart per 5 pads.
– Molded-in grate prevents over-saturation.
– Water-tight lid.
– Smooth, non-porous surface helps prevent bacterial growth and cleans up easily.
– Buckets fit onto the #6173 Janitor Cart and accommodate mops up to 18″ in length.

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Safety Data Sheets

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