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Our heavy-duty Scrubber / Stripper machine. So easy to use!! You can drive this machine in one straight line!! Operating this machine is just like using your lawnmower.

This machine comes complete with a water tank, a pad drive, a soft carpet brush and a hard nylon brush…. everything you need to strip or deep scrub floor surfaces. The machine also comes with 2 heavy, removable weights that will take the overall machine weight close to 100kgs. These weights can be removed to do light-duty jobs as well as heavy-stripping jobs by adding all the weights.

The machine turns at 175 rpm, this slow speed, combined with its heavy weight on a 17-inch pad or brush is the perfect combination for stripping or deep scrubbing floor surfaces. The machine runs very flat and stable on the surface and has minimal sideways swing so can be used in a straight line.

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Safety Data Sheets

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