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Compact Units for small places. Heavy duty machine for customer looking for a qulaity machine that will last. SPECS
1710 PSI
11 L/M
Hight pressure
Steam stage
SIingle phase
10M Hose and gun ? Industrial low speed double bearing motor and pump.
? Industrial external unloader
? Delayed total stop
? Double spiral heavy duty heating coil
? Low Fuel cut off and warning light
? Independent Blower Motor and Fuel Pump
? Low pressure chemical
? 240v units fitted with flow switch for low water cut off and unwanted start up on leak down
? 24v electrics on Pressure Switches etc
? Magic eye for spark/fuel to avoid soot up
? Steam stage to max of 150 dc. Working temp max 120dc
? Stainless steel cover in 430 ss
? Industrial 10 mt, 3/8 heavy duty hose, gun and 1200 ml lance, s/s nozzle.
? Rust proofed Black painted Chassis Built in Italy and a top seller in New Zealand and around the world for many years. A proud Italian family and the owner still works in the factory today. Powerwash has remained the same since born as early on they realised that had designed a very strong and reliable machine that handled all the rigours of heavy industrial use every day.

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Safety Data Sheets

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