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Filta Spring Mop Clamp, ideal for cleaning Floors, Walls, skirting and ceilings.

The Filta Spring Mop Clamp is designed to work with Kentucky mops, Microfibre Cloths and the *new* Filta Microfibre scourer pad.

Ideal for,

  • Kentucky Mops
    • Filta Code KMM325B,R,G,Y
  • Microfibre Scouring Pads
    • Filta Code CMA614
  • Microfibre Cloths
    • Filta code, 30105/30110/30115/30120
  • Sponges
    • Filta Code HKGLPGRN,LBU,RED

Measuring 90mm (W) x 210mm (H)

Clamp opening Measurement = 30mm

Not available for this product.

Safety Data Sheets

Not available for this product.