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Twister is a revolutionary method for everyday machine cleaning of any type of floor. With billions of microscopic diamonds, the Twister pads clean and polish your floor at the same time, without chemicals. It’s the easy, cost efficient and environmentally friendly approach to professional cleaning, producing astonishing results every time.

Diamond is the hardest material on earth and remains effective throughout the lifespan of the pad. These hard diamonds when embedded into a flexible pad have the ability to micro-polish any floor type, making the floor more resistant to dirt! The increased floor quality achieved with Twister pads results in extended lifespan of both floor and pad. Lasting 3 times longer than a standard floor pad! The difference between the alternative colors is the size or mix of the diamonds. Depending on the diamond mix impregnated in the pad, various applications can be performed.

  • Fits all cleaning machines
  • Only water

  • Same routines

  • For all floors

    • Cleaning and polishing at the same time

    • Produces long-lasting, high-quality results

    • Periodic maintenance may have just become a thing of the past

    • 100% chemical savings


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Safety Data Sheets

Not available for this product.