UNGER STINGRAY INDOOR KIT 100 (Refillable 1.5L tank)

Part Number# U-SRKO2

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Hygienically clean – quick and easy!

UNGER Stingray is the all-rounder among the interior cleaning systems. Effortlessly removes pathogens from horizontal and vertical surfaces. The easy handling ensures quick cleaning and disinfection.

The removable tank can be refilled at any time from bottles, canisters or dosing stations with all alcohol-based glass and surface cleaners and disinfectants. Thanks to the embedded precision spray system, the liquid is applied directly to the surface – without drops or spray mist.

Even raised surfaces are cleaned and disinfected easily and quickly. This is ensured by the practical Easy-Click polesĀ in two different lengths. All this makes the Stingray the most efficient interior cleaning system of all time.

  • Can remove up to 99.9 percent of pathogens in combination with disinfectants
  • Ready for immediate use and easy to operate
  • Ergonomic and safe: no inhalation of spray mist, simple operation
  • Flexible use with all alcohol-based glass and surface cleaners and disinfectants

*90% polyester, 10% polyamide


kit includes 2 pads, 1x pole and 1x unit with refillable bottle

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Safety Data Sheets

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