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Vice versa

Wash… turn over… squeegee… DONE!

The Vice-Versa Pro combines a washer and window squeegee in a single cleaning tool. The tool’s significant improvements guarantee professional cleaning with top results.

Save time:

Simply flip it over, so no need to waste time changing cleaning tools on your telescopic pole. Additional benefits: The Vice-Versa Pro pad stores plenty of water, which means fewer trips to your bucket, and the removable window squeegee allows for quick, streak-free drying.

Cut costs:

The Vice-Versa Pro saves money because you don’t have to buy separate tools. Plus, the pad is machine washable and reusable, and we also offer replacement pads, channels, and rubbers.

Work ergonomically:

The Vice-Versa Pro weighs significantly less than other tools, meaning that it is easy on your joints, and you can work without tiring. And the non-slip handle ensures greater safety both in your hand and when attached to a telescopic pole.

The Vice-Versa Pro washer and squeegee can be detached from each other and used separately !

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Safety Data Sheets

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