Part Number# N50000325

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Viper AS510B is an easy to use, medium sized walk behind scrubber/dryer. Ideally suited to scrubbing & drying mid sized and heavy traffic areas. The solution and recovery tank is integrated into a single molded part which increases tank capacity. Suitable for cleaning mid sized areas such as hotels, restaurants, schools, shopping malls, retail outlets, hospitals and train stations.

AS510B Scrubber Dryer
Power Input 24V Battery
Rated Power 650W
Scrubbing Width 510mm
Solution/Recovery Tank 40/40L
Squeegee Width 790mm
Productivty Rate 2100 m2/hr
Sound Pressure Level 70 dB(A)
Brush Size 510mm
Weight 220kg
One year commercial warranty

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Safety Data Sheets

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