Part Number# PWWRKCSB12G2

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The soft, dense carpet fibres of the Wheel Woolies® are 100% polypropylene and chemical resistant. These fibres are great for holding in suds to transfer them to the wheel.

The Caliper Spoke Woolie with its head at a 45-degree angle and handle that flexes is a great product for gaining access to the inner rims and back of wheel spokes in addition to a variety of other similar places that you might sometimes have a problem reaching.

There’s no metal in these brushes and the flexible handle is smooth as to not cause scratches unlike the twisted wire spoke brushes which can really scratch up a wheel if used carelessly and splatter you with wheel cleaning chemicals and dirty water. The synthetic fibres of wheel woolies are chemical resistant so they won’t fall apart like cheaper imitations. Made in the USA.

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• Paint Safe: Soft Dense Fibres
• Excellent agitation power
• No spray back
• Rinses out easily
• Flexible
• Resistant to even the strongest wheel cleaners
• Extremely Durable
• ZERO metal construction: No risk of gouging your finish
• 100% Recyclable

• Structural Material: 100% Polypropylene
• Brush Material: Synthetic Wool

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Safety Data Sheets

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